2010 - RCN Experienced Nurse Panel Survey

RCN Experienced Nurse Panel Survey - 2010 - This is an ongoing research project commissioned by the Royal college of Nursing. The purpose of this project is to set up a longitudinal research panel that can explore changes in the employment experiences, views and aspirations of nurses aged 50 plus in the alter stages of their nursing careers. The sorts of questions that are being addressed by this panel include: What kinds of employment are preferred by nurses at this stage of their careers? What would encourage more nurses to remain in nursing for longer? What are the challenges facing nurses in the later stages of their careers? What are the issues facing nurses in their retirement planning?

This research is building on the 2009 RCN Employment Survey contacting again nurses aged 50 plus who participated in this research to follow up their careers a year later as well as surveying a further 700 nurses aged 50 plus to top up the sample.